Thursday, February 18, 2016

EricMc -Analog Hobby Painting Challenge 7th Entry French Casualties and Chauchat Gunners

The majority of my offering this week are French casualty figures.  I chose to give the casualty figures the basic paint job rather than add a wound.  I felt a little uncomfortable modeling wounds, I want to keep the game as light and fun as possible in what will be a pretty bleak setting.

I realized that I had left the French under-supported so I added four Chauchat gunners.  

My full offering for the week.  Its a bit diminished from previous weeks.  As I mentioned last week my son and I are working on a game for the upcoming conventions Cold Wars so most of my time was spent working on terrain boards.

Heres an early look at the "great time sink"

Analog Hobby Painting Contest 6th Entry

I am sorry I dropped the ball last with last weeks post. I had a mishap with Fallout 4.  After a family intervention, I am 4 days clean and back to my normal obsessions.  
After kicking the Fallout habit,  I am finishing the last of the living french.   I have a few casualty figures left to paint but after that I am on to the Senegalese .

This week I finished off 2 more units of Chasseur for the Bois de Cares game (coming soon)

In addition to the Chasseur I finished off 2 37mm trench guns and crew.


My production is going to start slowing down.  My son convinced me that we need to run a game together at Cold Wars.    I cant say no to that invitation.  So in addition to painting we well be building terrain boards for skirmish game set between the trenches at Verdun.  My hope it this will hook him, like his introduction to Fallout hooked me!

26-28mm Figures