Friday, February 17, 2017

Slinging More Bull

Hi All.   This week I spent more time on the bullheaded Romans.  I was able to knock out three 16 man cohorts.   The shields are pretty easy to paint its just a matter of getting the symmetry right.

Some of the cows have longer horns than others but I figure that's nature right?

I completed one cohorts of the bullheads last week with the 3 this week I only have one more cohort to go for the half legion.

My big crisis came this week when I considered what they would look like on the table.   Four ranks and 4 files just doesn't look right for Romans.   I will be adding 2 more figures to each unit and go six files and three ranks.

My second big change of the week is the lighting used to take the photos.  I went with 2 compact florescent natural lights.   I liked the compact florescent bulbs so much I switched over in my painting lamp.  For those of you who are as impatient as I am, the light looks terrible until they "warm" up.   I tried them a year or so ago and gave up right away because I didn't wait for them to come to full brightness. Once warm they give great light!

All the bullheaded Romans are from Wargames Foundry's caesarean range.  I am a big fan of the range but at today's prices it would be an investment to build an army of them. 

Here is the first cohort of the week.   (I think officer int he red cloak is 1st corp and not Foundry)

Heres the second cohort of the week.   These are all Foundry


And the third cohort


My final figure for he week is Warlord Games Marcus Crassus.    I love how dynamic the pose is.  I am not sure if he would be my vision of Marcus Crassus but I think he will make a great looking legate.

Here is a group photo

I was able to complete 49-28mm figures this week.

Monday, February 13, 2017

AHPC post

  This week I was able to finish the last of the 6 pike blocks for Mithridates VI army.  Its a bit silly that I painted them for his army, since he only used them in the first Mithridatic war.  On top of that, they where they were consistently crushed by Sulla.

   While it is not the most robust force I do like Mithridates early efforts building a Roman beater.  He was willing to experiment and adapt.  Following his defeat by Sulla he went home to lick his wounds and raised another army.   The second time around he abandoned the pike block and built an army based on imitation legionaries, if you cant beat them join them.

  There are 32 Wargames Foundry figures that makeup this block. Learning my lesson from the earlier 5 the pikes went on, After, the painting was done.  I am proud to report no injury this time around.  This unit was a little trickier, it did not have the shields with cast on designs so I had to wing it. 

Here's a view from from the side and rear. 

 And the obligitory close up

The second unit I was able to complete this week is a unit of 12 Companion style heavy cavalry.

I saved the easiest for last.  I was also able to knock out a unit of 10 Greek light cavalry.  There is really not much to these guys so it was a nice break from the more detailed figures.

I think this week I have 32 foot and 22 horse.  Next week things will slow down as I am switching gears and moving to Romans.  Looking back over the last 30 days I was able to stay more focused than last year.  If I can keep up the pace I think I am on track to meet my challenge goal.

Friday, February 10, 2017

More Romans

This post covers what I was able to complete over the last two weeks.  Life conspired to make posting last week impossible.

I was able to knock out the last three cohorts of the Red legion last week.  It feels a little wrong to call them the red legion.  I think I need to come up with a number and name that is somewhat historical .

The first new cohort

The second new cohort

 And the last cohort of the soon to be renamed red legion.

Here is a look at the three cohorts together.

By this point I was pretty burned out on painting red so I made a switch to my next color scheme.   I wanted the second legion to have more of a Spanish look so I took a cue from Warlord games Hail Caesar supplement and started to work on a Pompeian legion.  I tried to make the design look like a bull head   Ill leave it up to you as to rather it was successful or not.  


I have 4 units of 16 figures each for a total of 64 28mm figures.

AHPC 5th Post

This week I made the switch to Mithridates VI Roman opponents.  I had anticipated they would paint quickly and easily but boy was I wrong.  There is a lot more detail on the figures that I had not planned on.    And then their is the shields!  I was considering using shield transfers but I felt a little uncomfortable using them.   I have always painted shields before and I figured what the heck.  How bad could it be.    Well let me tell you.. its bad... buy the transfers!

I am organizing the army in 16 figure cohorts with a 24 figure first cohort.

Here is the basic16 figure cohort.  The figures are all Wargames Foundry

Here they are off the movement base and deployed in a 2 rank line.

And here is the 24 figure First Cohort.  

I love the scornful look on this officers face.   So I had to show him off.

This week I finished a total of 40 28mm foot.   Next week I hope to finish off 3 more 16 figure cohorts.   Then on to the next "legion"  which I WILL be using transfers on!

Friday, January 27, 2017

AHPC Entry 3-

As a change of pace this week I started work on Mithridates VI light troops and cavalry.  The grind of painting large blocks of pike was starting to get to me.  I still have at least one more pike unit to go, which I hope to complete this weekend.  I will be glad to get these done and move on.

Speaking of hold your nose and paint it style units,  I finished up 24 Greek bow this week.   I am not sure why but I have never enjoyed painting bow units.  I guess its weird but I always feel like they are just filler for an army.   (speaking of weirdness I also hate painting shoes)

While in the picture they are ranked up I plan to used them as 2-12 figure skirmish units.  All the bow are Wargames Foundry, collected during my misspent youth. 

I took the photography advice offered last week and went with a solid back drop and lots of light.  I think I may have too much light as it appears to have some glare on the pictures.  Sorry about that.  .

Heres a close up of the boys.

I was also able to finish one unit of 12 Greek style cavalry.   The figures are Wargames Foundry's Macedonian Companion's but I shortened the Xyston a bit so they look a little more generic .   Mithridates VI had large quantities of high quality cavalry. I plan for a least a couple units of Greek style heavy cavalry with some Persian or Armenian style cavalry to give it more of an eastern look.

Here's a close up

and like all good runway models they turn with attitude to give you the view from the rear.

24 foot at 5 points each is 120 points.  12 cavalry at 10 points each is also 120 points.  For a total of 240 points.  I will not admit to using a calculator in that story problem!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge- Second Entry

In continuation of my last challenge post the pike production continues.   I neglected to mention some vital details last go around. The figures are Wargames Foundry for the most part.  These guys have been sitting on my shelf for years and years.  I think it was partly intimidation and partly laziness that kept me from getting to them until now.  I think a combination of Simon Millers work Thebigredbatcave and the excitement of the painting challenge is what pushed me to start working on these guys.

The great thing about building a pike block, as some of you mentioned, is this will give me the core of multiple successor style armies. While Mithridates VI used pike only in the early part of his conflict with Rome, I wouldn't have felt right not building some Pontic pike.

This week I was able to finish two more blocks of pike, bringing total production to 5.   I love the look of massed pike but the repetitive nature is starting to wear on me.

To mix things up, I changed the formula a bit.   Most of my earlier pike were predominantly white.  I am pretty happy with the way this group in black worked out


This weeks second group in red didn't turn out as well as I would like.  The Foundry shields in many cases have a cast-on shield design.  Red design over the white shield came out a little sloppy.  But done is done.

The original plan called for a third unit this week but I was distracted by the Armor challenge and cut off painting on the last block of pike to knock out my Armor entry.

And of course the obligatory class picture.   Once I get all six done I will post the full group.   The photography part of the challenge has become a challenge in itself.   I really love the pictures you guys post of your figures.  I am still struggling to get the right level of detail, lighting and composition. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for taking a look. Check my math but 64-28mm figures at 5 points each should be 320 points.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Analog Hobbies First Submission

Hello all.  This is my first post for this years Painting Challenge.  This was such a great experience for me last year I am back for another go around.   This year I am planning on painting the core of two armies.   I am doing Mithridatic Ponts and Caesarian era Romans.  

I decided to start with the Ponts.  They are a mixed bag of Macedonian style successors with a strong Asiatic and Persian influence.  My first entry is part of the pike block I am building for the 1st Mithridatic war.  Like most successor style armies the Ponts were centered around the pike block. These guys are fun to paint but the big 32 figure units tend to wear the fun pretty thin.

Since the start of the challenge I have been able to finish three pike units.   I had some issues with deciding how to base them but settled on a semi-arid looking theme.  At least I hope its semi-arid looking . 

The last 10 days was very educational for me.   I learned that is a huge pain in the rear to paint pike when the pike is already glued in the hands of the figure. There is an obscene amount of "travel time" when moving from one figure to another. 

I also learned that whoever came up with the idea of using steel rods to simulate pike is equal parts genius and sadist. Those dang things are really sharp but very durable.

By my count 3 units of 32 figures is 96 28mm figures which I believe is 480 points. I hope to finish the last three units in the next week or so.  

Here's the class photo. The pikeman on the far right was not very attractive so the photographer partially excluded him.