Monday, February 12, 2018

AHPC #5-Russians out the wazoo

This week has been a very productive gaming week for me.  I was able to finish three squads (and change) of Warlord Russians I started last week. In addition I started and finish 4 large squads of 1st Corps Russians .

 On top of that we played our first game of Boarder Rievers. I got to play a group of Irish delivering whiskey to the Armstrong clan.  We were ambushed by the treacherous Maxwell's (played by both my sons).  It was a good day for the Irish.  We completed a lopsided trade with the Armstrongs and stole a barrel of whiskey, a pony and a cow for good measure.   We used modified Mordheim rules, which really worked well.   

I will apologize now, there is a whole lot of Vallejo Khaki Grey used in this post. I could have put in some more uniform color variations, since the Russian supply system wasn't known for its precision, but I opted for speed. Using Warlords painting guide was a big help.   

The first group I finished were from the Warlord Soviet box.  Great box. lots of possible variation.  My oldest son is the actual owner and assembler of the figures so I take no credit for some of his "creative" poses.  I started putting paint on this group two weeks ago but wasn't able to finish them in time for last weeks deadline.  

I started with two large rifle squads

I also completed an Sub-machine gun squad with light machine gun support team and a couple of extra figures from the box thrown in.( I may use them to fill out my platoon leaders section)

This is a look at the full group of Warlord Russians.

My next group of Russian Infantry are from 1st Corps.  I really like these figures. I do have two small issues.   One is they are very well fed 28 mm and will not mix with the Warlord figures.  The second is some of the hands on the Russians look like they are wearing those foam hands you see at sporting event (the hands are huge). 

Over all I really like the way they took paint.  I picked them up in a trade so I didn't have much input in pose selection.  I know 1st Corps makes a number of different dynamic poses so I will probably order some to flesh this out and give custody of the Warlord Russians to my son. 

I was able to finish four 12 man rifle squads

Here is a picture of the four squads together

Like I warned you there was a lot of Khaki Grey used in this post. Sorry its so boring. I am moving on to some 1st Corps support weapons and SMG squads for next week.

Over all I was able to finish 88-28 mm figures and use most of a bottle of paint

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