Monday, February 12, 2018

AHPC Post Number 4

This week is a catch up post for the last few weeks. Over the last few weeks I have focused primarily on World War II.  However Pirates and Border Reivers were able to creep on to the panting table. Just to be clear this is not one weeks work I have been working on them overt the last 2 or so weeks.  Well anyway here is what I have been up to

I was able to get a start on my Warlord Plastic US Infantry.   I am not a fan of plastic figures normally but these were pretty good.   Really the only issue was in assembly.  Of course I did NOT read the instructions.  I am sure most of you know this but I didn't know there were specific arms for specific weapons.   After some time trying to get things done my way rather than the right way I consulted the instructions which very clearly lay out which arms work with which weapons.  Luckily I had not cut all the arms off the sprues.

Here is the full class picture. 1 Captain, 4-10 man squads, a 4-man HMG and 2-3man MMG's (one disassembled for movement),  a 2- man bazooka team and a 2 man medic team

My only problem with the Warlord figures (aside from self inflicted issues) is that the weapons are very thin and prone to breaking.   I was also able to complete a medium and heavy machine gun to support the rifle platoon. The support weapons are also Warlord but cast in metal.  

Having exhausted my supply of GI's I moved on to some 28mm West Wind WWII Russians I purchased eons ago. On the whole I think they look rough unpainted but I think they paint up nicely. I picked them up from Old Glory 25's so the price is hard to beat.

I completed 2-10 man rifle squads and 1-12 man sub machine gun squad with an attached light machine gun.

Speaking of Old Glory the my next bit of work was on some 28mm Old Glory Pirates for a friend.   Its a mix of servants, pirates and various.  This ia a really fun range of figures. In my opinion they are some of the best sculpts Old Glory has done.   Putting my bias out there,   I love Old Gory, they were really my introduction to wargaming.  Back in the day, as a poor college student, the choice between food and figures was made much easier by the pricing of Old Glory.  They tend to look pretty rough before painting but seem to paint up pretty well.

I painted 13 pirates this week.  I am not sure how I ended up doing 13 but I have a few more to go to finish the whole batch, I included a close up of the guys I liked the best.

As part of a group project I painted 10 Border Reivers last week.  We had agreed to put together small contingents for an upcoming game and this represents my contribution.  The figures are 28mm, I picked them up from Sgt Major Miniatures but I am not sure who the actual manufacturer is .

By my count I have a total of 109-28mm foot and 1-mounted

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