Monday, January 15, 2018

AHPC- Third Post

Its more Germans for me this week.   Thanks for all the advice you guys gave my on my first group.  To answer a few questions that came up.  I am planning on using these guys for Bolt Action and Chain of Command.  The main reason for the foray in to WWII is to try to pull some of the local Warhammer 40K gamers to the true faith, historical wargaming. My guess is the dice mechanic for activating troops would appeal to them.    But before I can give it a shot I need to get some more troops done.

Originally I had planned to paint American and Germans for Italy but it looks like the Germans I have may be too late war for that.  I may come back to the Italy campaign since its so diverse and interesting but for now I am going to forge ahead with generic troops.

This week I was able to complete 4 large squads, some support weapons and an officer with radio operator.

The first two squads are from Artisan.  Nice figures with good detail and easy to paint.  There are some small proportion issues but nothing major.

The next two squads are from Warlord games.   I should start by saying I am not a fan of plastics but these are really pretty nice.  There were some assembly issues, but I'm sure that was user error.  Its been a long time since I have put together plastic models.

The last subgroup are some two man support groups of LMG and a Panzerschreck..  All of these figures are by Artisan.

Last but not least is the Hauptmann and his radio operator. These are also by Artisan

Here is a group photo for the week.  Next week moving on to the GI's

60-28mm Germans should be 300 points.

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