Monday, February 11, 2019

Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge Entry 3

 Once again my post was delayed last week.  Its been a challenging start to the new year.  Somehow I have developed tendonitis in my painting hand, which has really slowed things down.

In the last two week I continued to work my forces for a Sharpe Practice game set in the Spanish Peninsula.  I finished another 24 figure French line unit.

The figures are all from Front Rank.  As I have said before they are well fed but really lovely scuplts.  This unit is in more of a campaign style dress without shako cords and other bling.

I still havent learned my lesson and painted the flag.   Someday I will learn

Here are some close ups of the greniadier company and the light company

And the obligatory attack column.

I made the mistake of basing them individually on 20mm squares. Most of the Sharpe Practice games I have seen base on circles.  I think if both sides are based the same it should work out.

To support the Line unit I also painted up 8 Artillery Crew.  The guns were completed years ago and have been sitting in a box waiting for crewmen

The artillery is also Front Rank.  I think I may have a made a mistake with white gaiters. Ill have to go back and read some more.  While I like all the figures, I particularly liked the raillery officer

In a change of pace, I stopped work on the Napoleonic's long enough to finish up a long over due birthday gift for a friend.   He has been a pirate lover for a long time as is closing in on completing his project.  To help out I painted up 12 28mm Old Glory figures (and a table) from their pirate range.   While the casting and sculpting quality are not top of the line. they are easy to paint. Calling this group pirates is a bit misleading.  They are really from the colonial governor set, so they are "cleaner" and less piratical than a real pirate.

I really like the seated governor and his entourage.

 Here's a close up of the more action oriented types

So my tally for the last 2 weeks is 44 28mm figures (and a table).  This week its on to the British and Spanish for the Peninsula

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  1. Great work Eric. The French look brilliant but Love the Guvnor and pals even more!