Monday, January 5, 2015

1st Corps Romans

Just put the finishing touches on my first 24 man unit of  1st Corps Romans.  Not super keen on the hand painted shields but I didn't have transfers.  The whole unit took maybe 10-12  hours to finish.   I really like the figures.  If they were easier to get I would have quite a few more.

Note to English miniature manufactures a 30% surcharge for shipping is pretty outrageous.  

Here's the before the ink wash picture.  I hate it they look like a 6 year old painted them.  Its almost painful to look at.

The after the initial Inking it looks quite a bit better.  I can live with it. 

Because I have issues I had to take a quick paint job and spend more time on it by highlighting and such.   I will be using sheiks decals from now on 

Overall it I think the ink wash does a good job in doing most of the highlighting work.  I went back and added some additional highlighting to reduce the grubby appearance of the ink wash alone.

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