Monday, April 20, 2015

ECW Paint-a-thon

In preparation for the big Pike and Shotte throw down at Nash-con I have been painting like crazy.   I almost feel bad calling what I have been doing painting.   The dip painting method is so fast its almost not fair.  I have painted about 140 figures in 20 days.   The results are not the best ever but for the time invested, I am getting more and more comfortable with the results.

I have three 24 figures units of pike and shot in blue.  I may bulk these out with another half base of pike.  I like the look of the deeper pike formation.

I have another 2 24 figure units in green.  

I'm not in love with the paint job but I am guessing I have about 20 hours in painting time in all these figures.    I can live with the results for 10 minutes a figure.

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