Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nash Con

This is a super late update, but better late than never.   Mid May found the northern brain trustees and the southern contingent meeting up at Nashcon in Nashville TN.  Our rendezvous is a rare but very welcome occasion.  Losing Bryant just a few weeks before the convention made this get together more somber but more needed at the same time. 

We had previously agreed to work on components for a larger ECW project and combine our efforts for a big game at Nash Con. 

After 30 hours on the road (or so it seemed) with 5 guys and a bunch of lead packed in the car most of the northerners arrived. 

I am going to throw my bias out right away.  Nash Con was a super casual but very well run convention.  The people were amazingly helpful, friendly and welcoming.   Larger east coast cons should take this an example for how a convention should be run.

Friday night we got our ECW throw down was dedicated to Bryant.  Gone but not forgotten, missed but not missing. 

This is not so much a battle report as it is a grouping of pictures of the game.  With no real order or substance. We used Pike and Shotte rules system although we got quite a bit wrong as it was our first time through.
 The Royalists set up wight Montrose in the center

 Parliaments left flank
 Fred provides moral support for Pat and Dave. as well as choice comments about Rick Priestly.

Scotty provides the most critical measurement of the game..  

Parliaments right flank anchored in the Abby of the Fetid Chair and led by the great flatulent one himself. 

It was very cool to see so many of our spread out and manic group contribute to the group effort.  Its amazing what can happen when we actually work together.

Despite the disjointed nature of the report the game was fun.  We even pulled in a new convert to the project.  We hope to run this game again soon in preparation for a bigger battle at Historicon.

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