Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Keith Sullivan's was kind enough to drive up and put on yet another extravaganza.  Over 2000 Zulu!  Despite the almost one full page of rules we were able to have a rip roaring time.  Very simple and very effective in creating an atmosphere of claustrophobia on the part of the British.

Below you see Keith setting up and about 1500 of the Zulu (40 Zulu regiments)

The British Camp with some NNC making sure the tents are ncie an

The false bravado of the British as they look over the waves of humanity about to crash into their lines
Arrogant Zulu Commanders
The British begin to feel the death by a thousand cuts.  2 casualties may not seem like a lot but...

The British trade time and distance for a chance to bring their superior fire power to bear. But firepower only helps if you have it.  To fire the Brits had to take an ammo test.  Guess who failed 6 our of 9 rolls!  In the bottom of the frame you can see a unit of NNC beginning to scout the hill east of the camp.    
The Zulu perspective of the noose tightening
Confidence oozes from the Zulu commanders and the British camp is breached and the slaughter begins
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The NNC investigates the hill.   Good idea? 

The Zulu perspective of the noose tightening.

The NNC scouting brings unwanted results.  Col Pulleine finds the other 500 Zulu 3 turns early.   Thanks boss!

The Zulu force the British back to the edge of the camp.
The beginning of the end.

British discipline still holds as reinforcements race to the the new threat

The Zulu over run the NNC and Durnfords horse leaving a gap in the line
Zulu in the camp

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