Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge-First Entry

Like most things, I am running a little behind.  Here is my first entry for the Painting Challenge. This is to adding to my WWI collection.   These are 1916 German Stosstrupen.  There is a mix of riflemen with a few trench raider types scattered in. 
The figures are a mix of Old Glory and Great War Miniatures.  I am a long time Old Glory fan but this is not the strongest range they make.  Great War make some beautiful figures. They are a bit taller and much more well fed than the Old Glory.    

I love the Gas Mask look.  One of my favorite figures is the guy in a gas mask carrying the Spandau. Its a little Hollywood in my opinion but its so fun

I am still struggling with what the basing should look like.  I would love it to be dark and muddy but that really dulls down the already dull figures.   Its a work in progress and I would love any suggestions you have.

20 total 28mm figures =100points.   I think.

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