Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge. 3rd Entry

This week I finished up the last of the WW1 Germans I have on hand.  More are on the way.  Its a sickness.

One mixed unit of infantry with a captured Lewis gun
I also finished a late war anti tank rifle.   I didn't realize anti tank rifles were used that early until I opened a pack of Great War Miniatures and saw this beauty.   I will have to find a way to work this in.  But it will only make sense if I have TANKS!!!  There's my perfect excuse to buy TANKS!!! 
Next up are two heavy minenwerfer from Old Glory and one light minenwerfer from Great War Miniatures.  

I really love the sculpts of the Greatwar Games Snipers.

I am planning to use these messengers as part of a scenario.

Here's the whole gang.  Its a mixed bag of odds and ends.

As usual I had to experiment with the basing again.  I think its too bright and reminds me a little too much of the desert basing I used for my Dervish. I am sticking with my mantra that done is done.  No going back only moving forward.   Speaking of forward I am really looking forward to painting some French for next week.

Thanks for looking.

24-28mm figures--120pts.

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