Friday, January 27, 2017

AHPC Entry 3-

As a change of pace this week I started work on Mithridates VI light troops and cavalry.  The grind of painting large blocks of pike was starting to get to me.  I still have at least one more pike unit to go, which I hope to complete this weekend.  I will be glad to get these done and move on.

Speaking of hold your nose and paint it style units,  I finished up 24 Greek bow this week.   I am not sure why but I have never enjoyed painting bow units.  I guess its weird but I always feel like they are just filler for an army.   (speaking of weirdness I also hate painting shoes)

While in the picture they are ranked up I plan to used them as 2-12 figure skirmish units.  All the bow are Wargames Foundry, collected during my misspent youth. 

I took the photography advice offered last week and went with a solid back drop and lots of light.  I think I may have too much light as it appears to have some glare on the pictures.  Sorry about that.  .

Heres a close up of the boys.

I was also able to finish one unit of 12 Greek style cavalry.   The figures are Wargames Foundry's Macedonian Companion's but I shortened the Xyston a bit so they look a little more generic .   Mithridates VI had large quantities of high quality cavalry. I plan for a least a couple units of Greek style heavy cavalry with some Persian or Armenian style cavalry to give it more of an eastern look.

Here's a close up

and like all good runway models they turn with attitude to give you the view from the rear.

24 foot at 5 points each is 120 points.  12 cavalry at 10 points each is also 120 points.  For a total of 240 points.  I will not admit to using a calculator in that story problem!

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