Friday, February 10, 2017

AHPC 5th Post

This week I made the switch to Mithridates VI Roman opponents.  I had anticipated they would paint quickly and easily but boy was I wrong.  There is a lot more detail on the figures that I had not planned on.    And then their is the shields!  I was considering using shield transfers but I felt a little uncomfortable using them.   I have always painted shields before and I figured what the heck.  How bad could it be.    Well let me tell you.. its bad... buy the transfers!

I am organizing the army in 16 figure cohorts with a 24 figure first cohort.

Here is the basic16 figure cohort.  The figures are all Wargames Foundry

Here they are off the movement base and deployed in a 2 rank line.

And here is the 24 figure First Cohort.  

I love the scornful look on this officers face.   So I had to show him off.

This week I finished a total of 40 28mm foot.   Next week I hope to finish off 3 more 16 figure cohorts.   Then on to the next "legion"  which I WILL be using transfers on!

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